Frequently Asked Questions

Most deliveries are free. North of the 520 will have a gas delivery fee

At this time we only accept cash or checks made payable to Rides and Games

No. All units and equipment must be moved only by Rides and Games

All inflatables depend on continuous airflow. That means that you will have a blower connected and running at all times to keep the unit inflated

No. Socks or barefoot only

No pets, no clothes with sharp objects, no jewelry, no foods, candy or drinks and absolutely no silly string

Turn blowers off when the fun is over. If there is a strong storm or strong winds. If unsupervised. At night before bed

A flat area with no power lines or tree branches above is best for all inflatables. Inflatable slides need a flat area or if on a slope the slide needs to be facing down hill

100ft extension cord which we provide is the maximum length from your power source to the inflatable. Connecting 2 extension cords together to go further is not recommended as it will burn the plugs together as well as not give enough power to the blower and could break it

Yes we are

Yes. All of our dry units can be used indoors

No. You will need to have access to water

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